FILE-X getting ready for big push to digitize files after Coronavirus

Since quarantine mandates and social distancing efforts to curb the spread of coronavirus began in March 2020, companies across America have needed an unprecedented level of remote access to their vital business documents.  FILE-X bridges the gap between paper files stuck in boxes and file cabinets in a closed office to digital files that are [...]

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End-of-Year Scanning Planning

October is the start of the busy season for FILE-X as we work to reach the end-of-the-year scanning goals of our clients.  At this time of year, we process many Accounting, HR, and other business documents.  We are also busy wrapping up school record scanning and engineering document scanning projects (including large blueprint scanning jobs). [...]

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Summer projects

Each fall, we meet many new clients who attempted to complete a summer document scanning project in house.  Often, the project proved to be too much to handle with interns and the office copier/scanner.  We pick up where they left off, by completing the project with our state-of-the-art scanners and trained employees.  FILE-X is dedicated [...]

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Survey Finds Info Workers Spend 25% of Week with Paper Files

There are many reasons to convert your business documents to digital via our scanning services.  Increasing productivity is certainly one of them! A survey conducted by IDC, a marketing company for IT companies, found that information workers, on average, spend a quarter of their time working with paper files vs. electronic ones. A simple solution [...]

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Onsite Photo Scanning Now Available

FILE-X is now offering businesses and individuals onsite photo scanning.  Instead of shipping your photos across the country and taking the risk that they get lost, we will bring the ScanVan to your driveway or place of business and digitize the photos while you wait!  Call us to setup an appointment!

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Spring Cleaning

It's almost that time for spring cleaning both at home and at the office.  Scanning your paper files is one great way to declutter the office and create a more efficient and profitable work environment.  At FILE-X, we help organizations go from a paper-based to paperless.  We have state-of-the-art scanners and training to make sure [...]

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NJ Govt going paperless

In the news recently, there have been stories about a bill under consideration in the New Jersey State Legislature that envisions a paperless state government.  We have been hard at work for more than two decades offering document scanning services to new jersey and the Philadelphia area.   We offer on site scanning and large format scanning [...]

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A lot to be Thankful for …

With over 800 clients and an incredible, hard-working team ... we have a lot to be thankful for this year.  Providing document-scanning services in the Greater Philadelphia Area puts us in touch with great people every day.  We love the fact that we help area organizations go paperless.  By outsourcing their document- and data-capture needs [...]

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School Record Scanning

One of the document sets we specialize in processing is student records.  We work with many of the area school districts, converting their special education and graduate student files to digital images.  There are paper files to convert in both public and private organizations.  If you need work done on site, we also offer on site [...]

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Mobile wide-format scanning – 12 foot long drawing scanned today!

We had fun today scanning a 42 inch by 120 inch wide-format drawing in a client's parking lot.  Large-format scanning onsite in the Philadelphia area is something we specialize in.  The client was able to complete their proposal on-time!  We offer document scanning services in the area.  Just let us know how we can help! [...]

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